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historical data MT4

Historical data is the most important for back testing EA. The better quality of data will provide the better quality of the testing result. The common problems related to the data quality are ” Mismatched charts errors” and ” Modelling quality“. And also, the more data used, the more it will provide an overview of EA’s resilience in facing various market conditions. In fact, it is not enough for some traders who want to test more than 2 years back using data provided by brokers on MT4. Especially for low timeframes like M15 and lower.

Below is a page link where you can download historical data for back testing purposes. It is free data from Available several CandleStick Data options provided including Tick, Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week and Month. For Instruments; Forex, Commodities, Indices (CFD), Crypto, Stocks, and more. As a free download, I personally can’t guarantee the quality of the data, it is hard to find good quality data with long history backward even if it is paid data. But at least you will have data up to 3 years backward for minute timeframes and up to 5 years for hourly timeframes.

So, you may want to try this way. Please visit here to download.

There are 2 data types that you can choose to download, .hst and .csv. Import the data to your MT4 history folder. Tools — History Center — Select the Instrument — Double click Timeframe — Import — Select the File.

If you download .csv data type and failed to import into your MT4. Please try this way: Open file using NotePad or NotePad++, If you find the values “:00.000” after hour and minute then CTRL+H — In the column Find What, type “:00.000” without quotes and Let it empty in the column Replace with — Then click Repalce All — Lastly CTRL+S. Then Try again to import into your MT4. And don’t forget to configure the time zone between the data and the broker server.

Hope this is useful for you. Happy Trading!

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