How to Install MT4 Profiles

Profiles offer a convenient way of working with groups of charts. The following can be stored in profiles:

  • charts that were open at the moment when the profile was saved
  • location and size of these charts;
  • templates that were applied to these charts.

When a profile is opened, each chart with its settings is placed exactly in the same location where it was before, at the profile saving. All changes in open chart windows are automatically saved in the current profile.

How to Install MT4 Profiles?
This guide refers to ‘HLO2 with Automatic Robot Trading System’ installation.And basically,it is similar with other system profiles installation.Follow these steps to install:

1. Extract .ZIP file of the package.
2. Open Folder ‘HLO2 Trading System’.
3. Open Folder ‘Profiles’.
4. Copy Folder ‘HLO2 Manual’ and Folder ‘HLO2+EA’ or you can do this: CTRL+A then CTRL+C
5. Open your MT4 where you want to install the MT4 Profiles.
6. Click File ,Open Data Folder.


7. Open Folder ‘Profiles’.


8. Paste Folder ‘HLO2 Manual’ and ‘HLO2+EA’ or CTRL+V .



9. Restart Mt4
10. Click File,Profiles then select the profile.


11. If you use profile ‘HLO2+EA’ then you want to active the EA,you need to click ‘AutoTrading’ button.It will be green when it is actived.



By this way ,we can load all saved chart including Templates and setting with the single click.