i-Candle Code Trend Follower and No Repaint Indicator 4

Intelligence Multiple Time Frame Candle Setup M15-Daily



100% trend follower and no repaint indicator.

Platform: Metatrader 4
Time Frame: M15-Daily
Pair : Any


It was coded to read candles trend setup from M15 to Daily. We believe that when all candles of those time frames have the same direction of trend at the same time, it would have most likely that this is an actual trend.
Signals will be generated when the candles M15-daily and moving averages have the same trend direction and last candle on the current time frame already closed.This means that indicator will start to analize the signal daily.When the daily candle started then daily signals will be started to be analized by the indicator. BLUE DOT means UP TREND and RED DOT means DOWN TREND.
This is perfect for traders who want to trade daily

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Indicator BreakoutCode

This Indicator can help to decide the right time to enter a trade.

These are examples to enter the market by combining with Indicator BreakoutCode.

Example BUY setup:


Example SELL setup:


New Update i-Candle Code V2

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  1. Alert including sound alert,email alert and popup
  2. Multi timeframe Indicators
  3. Scalping
  4. For any currency pairs
  5. 85% profit factor
  6. Easier than version 1
  7. FREE download Version 1

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i-Candle Code Trend Follower and No Repaint Indicator

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