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Our new Robot trading is based on the naked trading strategy. So we do not worry about repainting or lagging signals.

What is MT4Code Robot Trading?

It is an automatic trading robot that can help to do trades for you.What should you do is only set it on the first then let it does the rest.We are aware of issues that the common strategy problems are about laggging and repainting signals.And based on our experiences those were caused by the indicators ..That’s why we use the naked strategy on the MT4Code Robot Trading.It is a simple robot with the smart strategy.

We have been doing research in the last 5 years.I did this on my own manual trading with the real account.Then I think that it is a good idea to code the strategy to be an EA to automate my trading and I am pretty sure that it is the best robot for me. And hope also for you.




WHY MT4Code Trading Robot?
1.The Robot has no repainting and no lagging
2. It is based on the candle strategy,so it can be used on all pairs and any securities; forex ,indiches,gold,oil,future and others.
3.Easy to use without complicated installation.
4. Money Management that is an important thing on trading
5. 100% money back guarantee
6. FREE Update.
7. Customer support

Order Now $50 for 1 real account and unlimited demo accounts .You can download next update released for free by visiting the member area.Now is your time because price might be increased for every update released.

Download Now and get the following benefits:

  1. Lowest price-Because we will increase the price for every update released.
  2. Free Update -You can download the new update in the customer page area.
  3. 60 days money back guarantee -Zero risk. If you for any reasons do not satisfy with the product,simply contact us and we will refund 100% of your money

Now is the best time to download MT4Code Robot Trading.Our lowest price in the prelaunch session is the reason why you should download it right now. Then you can download the next updates for free in the customer area.


MT4Code Trading Robot

  1. Only for Metatrader 4 (MT4).
  2. You can define Lot Size,Take Profit in Money,Take Profit in Pips,Stop Loss and Trailing
  3. Money Management – You can set the max.Lot size of all your open positions you wish to use on your account.
  4. No Expiration
  5. For all pairs
  6. It also work for GOLD,INDICES,FUTURE, OIL and others as long as they use the chart
  7. Required Balance Minimum $200

Package Included:

  1. MT4Code Robot Trading.ex4 for unlimited demo accounts and 1 live account.
  2. User Manual


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