Multi Time Frame Stochastic Candle Indicators Package

They are Stochastic oversold and overbought candle indicators from multi timeframe charts.If the price from the specified timeframe is oversold ,indicator will draw red candle (default color).And If the price from the specified timeframe is overbought ,indicator will draw blue candle (default color).
Indicator can be attached on any timeframe and read stochastic from any other timeframe.

The package consists of 3 indicators:

1. Single Time Frame

It will provide candle signal from single other timeframe also on the current timeframe as well.

GBPUSDM15_single timeframe


GBPUSDM15_single timeframe


2. Double Time Frame

It provides candle signal from 2 different time frames.Both of them can be set to different timeframe or the same time frame.It doesn’t matter and works.





3. Triple Time Frame

Stochastic Candle Signals from 3 different time frames.It can be any time frame from M1- Monthly.

GBPUSDM15_3-Timeframe Stochastic Oversold and overbought Signals


GBPUSDM15_3-Timeframe external setting



  1. It can be set to any timeframe as desired
  2. It can be changed the setting of stochastic: KPeriod,Slowing,DPeriod.
  3. Oversold and overbought level
  4. Alert including popup,sound and email notification.
  5. Any pairs and any brokers
  6. No expiry

Package included:

  1. Indicator MTFStochCandle_1
  2. Indicator MTFStochCandle_2
  3. Indicator MTFStochCandle_3



Multi Time Frame Stochastic Candle Indicators Package

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