ProfitClimber Code Forex Bot – FREE 3

Double trading method: AUTO and SEMI AUTO.Whatever you are newbie or advance trader. If some reasons you want to fully automate your trading,you only need to install the robot,select AUTO MODE and let your mt4 online all the time ,the robot will automatically work for you.
Otherwise do to select SEMI AUTO MODE.This is the collaboration between you and the robot.You can start to enter the market manually and the robot will do the rest.If your manual order loses,it can calculate the possibility to bring you back to the profit result.Averaging,Trailing,Close All in Profits,Lot size calculation and more.All in your control.This robot will help double the profits of your manual trading.The better your skills, the higher your profits will be.



ProfitClimber Code Forex Bot -Demo Version (2992 downloads)
Or visit here to download real version




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