RSI Scanner Plus MT4 Indicator

Get the vision of All market conditions from multi symbols and multi timeframes with RSI Scanner Plus. An Advantage MT4 indicator that will make your trading easier than before. 
See image below:

RSI Scanner Plus

Red color boxes are the price currently overbought and blue boxes are oversold. You can change their color thru input setting. The values inside the boxes are RSI values and you can change RSI setting.

RSI plus Trend Line is Powerful trading strategy

Beside you get RSI datas you will also see the trend of the current chart. If you combine them you will have high profits opportunity. You can also change trend period. This is additional feature of RSI Scanner Plus indicator. We consider that following the trend is very important in trading.

See Trendline in the image below

RSI Scanner Plus Trendline


  1. Trend Line
  2. Adjustable panel display
  3. Clickable boxes
  4. Hide/Show Dashboard
  5. Adjustable color
  6. All symbols
  7. All timeframes
  8. RSI values
  9. Alerts

Adjustable Panel Display and Hide/Show Dashboard

You can hide or show dashboard on the chart and also you can change the display of panels. In case you have some indicators in your chart and want to see them without being hindered by the dashboard then hide it. See button on the top left of the dashboard.

Check out the display variations below:

Horizontal Panel display
Vertical Panel Display

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