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Thank you for your interest in our service to create Robot Trading EA.Automate your own trading now and start to be life easier.

Before doing this,we suggest you to write your own concept first and save it as file format .PDF  or .DOC  with some additional images if possible.Then upload and send via email at: programmer[at]mt4code.com  or use the forms below.

Please pay attention to the following checklists:

  • Please give very clear entry rules
  • Please give very clear exit rules
  • What are the maximum number of open orders you want to allow? (Variable or fixed)
  • Are your indicator settings variable or fixed? If fixed what are they?
  • Will you use a stop? Will you use a following stop? Fixed or variable?
  • What are all your take profit rules?
  • Do you want to move the stop to breakeven at some point?
  • Money management. Specified lot sizes or % of capital?
  • Reverse option: Do you want to trade the system in reverse?
  • Time of day: Do you what to specify the time of day for entries?
  • Please supply a chart picture of a perfect transaction show the system.
  • If using a non-standard MT4 indicator you need to supply the indicator as part of your quote
  • The Expert Advisor (EA) will allow you to specify input into the Expert Advisor (EA) as you use it – this input is variable input.
  • Aspects of the Expert Advisor (EA) that will never vary are fixed. Please make sure that you have identified all the variable and fixed input into the Expert Advisor (EA).
  • Please state if you need any form of protection from your Expert Advisor (EA) being copied.

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    Write your concept or logics of your EA then save it as a PDF or Document file format.If you have many files with different file format you can place them to 1 folder then extract this folder into ZIP or RAR by using file extractor software such as WinRar.And upload here:

    Max.file size: 10MB/file,Filetype: JPG,PNG,GIF,DOC,PDF,TEXT,MQ4,EX4,ZIP,RAR.
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